Wheel Loaders

The large- and mid-range series of TORION wheel loaders are ideal for demanding farming operations and they can perfectly fit into your process chain. These CLAAS wheel loaders boast efficient VARIPOWER transmission and powerful CMATIC transmission for maximum productivity. Optimal weight distribution is achieved through the unique engine mounting and the intelligent arrangement of other drive components. 

The large model series features split-power CMATIC drive and a Liebherr engine with up to 168 kW (228 hp). Optimum weight is achieved through the distribution provided by the unique engine mounting position, and electronic control of fan speed comes from the DYNAMIC COOLING. The TORION 1914 / 1812 large model series also features a load-sensing system with up to 234-l capacity and 3rd and 4th additional control circuits are available. The ingenuity of the TORION large series is extensive. The cab design is modern and ergonomic, with a joystick with electronic pilot control, as well as a 7" display with touchscreen function, and a rear camera. The design of the TORION is versatile as well; there’s a choice of agricultural tyres that are optimised for different operating requirements, and LED or halogen lights for comprehensive 360° illumination around the machine. 

For your wheel loader needs, or any other agricultural machinery you’re looking for, we’ll be able to assist across our seven MANNS locations.

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