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The SCORPION 1033-635 series provides you with a choice of telehandlers to carry out your work safely, conveniently and quickly.

High-torque Deutz engines power the SCORPION. These provide excellent power development combined with diesel fuel economy for all forward movement and load transfer operations. With these 4-cylinder engines, drive power ratings range from 100 to 115 kW (136 to 156 hp), with torque of up to 609 Nm.

In the SCORPION range you no longer have to choose between accuracy and power - you can have both. DYNAMIC POWER adjusts the speed of the diesel engine according to the joystick angle. That means you always have precisely the engine power you need. When you need less power, the engine speed is reduced, which results in corresponding fuel savings.

You can keep track of all your machine's driving and operating systems on a single-colour or multicolour instrument cluster display or 7" screen display, depending on the model of telehandler you choose.

Visit your nearest MANNS branch to see the SCORPION telehandlers up close and get expert advice on each model in the range.

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