CLAAS has become a leading tractor manufacturer, offering tractors ranging from 75 hp to 530 hp. Across the MANNS locations, you have a huge choice of tractors with models in the XERION, AXION, ARION, ATOS, ELIOS and NEXOS ranges. 

For work in confined spaces or on steep slopes, the ELIOS tractor is essential. With its low centre of gravity and low overall height, the ELIOS can reach places that are inaccessible to conventional tractors. Front loaders, electronic spool valves and a front PTO expand its range of potential applications. 

At the opposite end of the scale, the XERION models are large tractors with an engine output of up to 530 hp. On the XERION 4000 – 5000, the TRAC is the perfect model for arable work such as tillage, drilling, field transport and slurry spreading. 

If you need enormous pulling power for highly demanding applications, the CLAAS AXION 960TT tractor provides power combined with a host of intelligent systems. 

Each range has been designed with different features and benefits so there’ll always be a CLAAS tractor to suit your requirements. The teams at any of our seven MANNS sites are on hand to help and advise you with your next tractor purchase. 

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