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Used Machinery

Used Machinery

At MANNS we give second-hand equipment first-class treatment at our dedicated Used Machinery Centre at Saxham, Bury St Edmunds. The centre is a purpose-built facility to keep used combines, foragers, tractors and other equipment in premium condition ready for sale.

But you don’t have to visit the Saxham centre to pick up used machinery. You can search the full range of second-hand and used equipment on our website, including CLAAS JAGUAR, AXION, LEXION and ARION models. Look for listings with the FIRST CLAAS USED GOLD standard if you need a machine that’s less than five years old or has fewer hours on the clock.

Staff at all our MANNS branches will be happy to advise you on finding the right used machinery for your task and budget. Visit or call our branches in Saxham, Essex, Halesworth, Kent, Market Harborough, Spaldwick or Thursford for help and advice.