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Across the MANNS locations, we sell the full range of CLAAS mowers. Each model is expertly designed for smooth running and top chop quality to get that perfect cut. 

We have a wide range of mowers in stock across our locations so that you will be able to find a model that suits your needs. The DISCO range of mowers all feature a disc mower bed and most have the option of steel tine conditioner to help wilt the crop. The DISCO mowers are available as a single rear or front mounted and a trailed unit, also as triple mowers they can be offered as butterfly setup or as reverse drive. Working widths vary from 2.1m to 10.3m to offer the ideal mower from a small farm to a big contracting operation. 

Various levels of specification are available including ACTIVE FLOAT hydraulic suspension for improved contour following to ISObus machine control. All of the 50 series and CONTOUR mowers are fitted with the CLAAS MAX CUT mower bed, this has an in-built SAFETY LINK system that will protect the drive line. 

As well as disc mowers, we also offer CLAAS drum mowers – from the CORTO range. The highly reliable drum mower, the CORTO, guarantees high efficiency with rapid, reliable, safe mowing. The benefits of forage harvesting with the versatile CORTO drum mowers are boundless. Working widths range from 1.85 to 3.05m. 

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